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About Neuro Roleplay

Welcome to Neuro Roleplay – the ultimate destination for immersive GTA V Roleplay gaming. Set in the meticulously designed Neuro City, emphasizing superior quality and seamless performance. Every element of this vibrant world is crafted with care by our dedicated team of developers alongside the owner, ensuring a truly unique gaming experience.


At the heart of Neuro RP lies our vibrant community, which is, and always will be, our top priority. Join us and contribute to the evolution of Neuro RP, as we collaboratively introduce exciting new features and content.


Dive into Neuro RP where your creativity shapes the world, and every adventure is a story waiting to be told. Be a part of something special, something you’ll love and take pride in – a living, evolving world that thrives on your imagination and participation.

Explore Neuro City

Deep Interactions

Explore an immersive map brimming with activities and destinations, offering endless roleplay opportunities. Join community events to connect and discover the city and its inhabitants. New to roleplay? Our friendly staff team is here to guide you on your journey.

Dedicated EMS

Gone are the days when a hospital visit feels dry and careless! Receive proper medical attention, both within and beyond the hospital, from a responsive and caring medical team.


Explore a city offering different places to call home, the city breathes with diverse points of interest. Want to catch a bar fight? Head to Sandy Shores where a knuckle to the chin is a whiskey shot away.

Evolving Careers

Tired of being stuck in a dull, everyday job? Our game offers dynamic career paths, each filled with growth opportunities and the potential to climb to the top. Whether your ambition is to own the best fast-food chain in Neuro or to become the mayor, hard work here grants big rewards.

Law Services

In Neuro, consistency is the law. From running a red light to robbing a liquor store, the PD and DOJ collaborate to create an immersive experience. Be cautious – don’t push your luck too far, as the law is always ready for you!

Immersive Driving

Elevate your driving experience with customization options, thrilling races, and a thriving car scene. Immerse yourself in the ever-expanding car scene. Regular updates to vehicle models, inventories, and capabilities spearhead an exclusive experience you can only find in Neuro.

How to Play

Step 1

Please buy and download GTA V for PC before proceeding if you do not already have it installed.

Step 2

Please download and install FiveM. A Discord and Steam account are required to access the Neuro server.

Step 3

Gain access to our server by paying a one-time fee for Whitelist Access, enabling you to apply and receive approval from our team in our Discord's Whitelist Channel (#wl-application).



  • Queue Priority, increases per tier
  • Unique Badge/Role in Discord per Tier

You must become a member of our Discord community.




  • Whitelist Access
  • Whitelist Expedited

Join our exclusive Whitelist Server! Complete our Whitelist Application via Discord.